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Be innovative, think outside the box in this advancing world.

In his book The Creator's Code by Amy Wilkinson teaches us how to be innovative

We can create anything using the following guidelines which other Creators use.

▪ Creators don’t strive to be first the way a top student does. Rather, they seek to be only—the only one to see a need, spot a new use for an existing technology, or devise an original solution. Curiosity supersedes credentials. Creator's create new content.

▪ Creators don’t need an MBA, millions of dollars, perfect timing, or permission. They don’t need years of experience. Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, and Elon Musk, creators who founded online payment giant PayPal, were not bankers. Education may be necessary but with innovation, anyone qualifies.

▪ Throw yourself off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down. Good startup entrepreneurs are extremely aware of the impact of time because with each second, you are closer to the ground. The whole thing is about building an airplane that is self-sustaining.Starting is important step.

▪ Connections, expertise, talent, and resources have something to do with a breakthrough discovery, to be sure, yet scores of people who possess all these ingredients fail to capture opportunities.

▪ Just like professional architects who design skyscrapers, they have a unique ability to see vacancies and envision how separate parts can fit together to form a new logical design.

▪ They believe rigorous questioning is the hallmark of discovery, and they retain a certain childlike naïveté, a beginner’s mind.

▪ Reasoning by first principles requires that gap-seeking Architects identify assumptions one by one and understand what is challenging about each element.

▪ Architects build new products without anyone showing them how. They believe they might have a better way, and press forward without a need for affirmation.

▪ The OODA loop consists of four steps. Observe what is happening and process as much information from as many sources as possible. Orient those observations by distinguishing the relevant from the insignificant. Decide on a course of action and select one path. Act to execute the decision—keeping in mind that the action is not an end, because the loop flows continuously.

▪ It’s a team effort and you have a lot of ups and downs, so how people stick through it matters. Prehistory matters. You don’t want to start a business with someone you just met a week ago—it’s like getting married to the person next to you at the slot machines in Vegas.

▪ As we hatch new ideas, we discover that much of what we would like to predict is unpredictable. Creators inevitably miss the mark. Difficult conversations, surprising outcomes, and product flaws occur constantly. It’s neither fun nor comfortable, but failure is necessary.

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Amy Wilkinson MBA The Creator 's Code


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