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Checkout the Purpose of Chip Terminals on Your Huduma Card

Some people are still asking so many questions about the Huduma cards. Remember that this card is very important and so you should take your time to follow it until you make sure you have it in your hands. From next year so many things are expected to change and one will need this card to access government services.always remember to check your inbox to confirm if you have received the collection message for you to pick your card.If you have received your card or viewed it from somewhere else, you should have realized that this card has chip leader terminals. These terminals are usually in ATM cards, simcards and also institution security cards. These terminals are configured to certain machines that can easily process and read them. This being the case, some are still asking the reason as to why this card has these terminals.

From next year, when accessing healthcare services in public hospital, one will need to provide this card that will be used to give so many details about that owner. These information and details are stored in coded form in these chip terminals.

Secondly, this card may be connected to your bank account where you can be able to pay government services such as licenses and permit fee. The government will communicate how these cards will be connected to bank account. When registering this card some people gave their account numbers and NHIF numbers, this data is stored in these chips.

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