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Simple Way To Save WhatsApp Status Without Installing Another App

WhatsApp, which is one of the leading communication tool in social media platforms, helps families and friends to share their memorable photos, videos and GIFs. Important documents can also be shared just with a click at hand.

This platform has a unique feature called Status Sharing. One can post his/ her status which can be viewed by his/ her contact list. However, the status will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Some statuses are so funny or interesting, or even important that you may wish to save them in your phone for future use. But there's one problem. You cannot save the status since WhatsApp does not have a function of saving them. This has forced some people to take screenshots of the statuses before they disappear. This process of screenshooting is only possible with image or written statuses. What if you want to save a video status?

This problem has forced many users to download third-party apps for saving the statuses. These apps takes a lot of device storage space. They may also cause mobile phones to hung.

This article is going to help you save the statuses manually in your phone without any app. It is simple. Just follow these few steps.

1) View the status

Open the status you want to save. Make sure it is fully loaded. If it's a video, ensure you watch it full.

2) Open the device File Manager

Smart phones comes with file manager as a default app where media are stored. You will find it on your menu.

3) Enable “Show hidden files” in the File Manager

By default, file manager is set not to show hidden files. To activate it, go to settings of your File Manager and turn it on. To access it, open the File Manager, then click on the three dots on top and click on settings.

4) Scroll down to WhatsApp folder within your File Manager. Follow this bracket (Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media > . Status)

You will find all the videos and images from the status there.

5) Copy the image and video

Simply select the image, photo or video you want to save and copy

6) Paste the copied items

You can paste the copied items in another folder within the file manager. This will save them forever.

Ensure you carry the above process within 24 hours before the status disappear.

Content created and supplied by: Dantiger (via Opera News )

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