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Simple Ways of Making Your Phone Battery Last Long

Most of us have been complaining of our phone batteries draining too fast. Here I have some few ways of keeping your phones battery alive for days.

1. Turn down the brightness.

It's always wise to turn down your phones screen brightness. By doing this you will realize that your phones battery life will be increased by some hours.

2. Wisely select your apps.

Some apps are battery draining, it's wise to avoid installing apps of this kind. Game apps are widely known for draining the battery in hours. If you wanna save your battery, then you have to uninstall these apps.

3. Download the battery saving app.

This app helps check the restrict some app from using the battery power when not using them. This app also helps track the phones battery performance and alerts you when the battery vis about to die.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi connection.

It's always wise to turn off Wi-Fi connection whenever you are not using it. Wi-Fi is known for draining the battery power in hours.

5. Lastly turn on airplane mode.

This airplane mode settings is not set only for people on airplanes. Turning it on will help prolong your phones battery for a while. The negative effect of this is that you won't be able to receive or send calls.

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