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Are They Spying On You? New Tricks Hackers Use To Spy On You Through An Ordinary Bulb

A recent study in 2020 by cyber security researchers unveiled an technological method of secretly listening to conversations through an ordinary lightbulb.

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A group of security researchers based in Israel at the Ben- Gurion University of the Negev and the Weizmann Institute of Science introduced a new method that allows eavesdroppers to spy on conversations by closely watching a light bulb hanging in the room from a nearby location.

It' s so smart a technique that the thoughtful hackers don' t even need the victim of the eavesdrop to be using any ' smart' device in the occurrence of the eavesdrop.

How' s the technique done

This technique, dubbed as ' Lamphone Attack' , shows that a conversation can be eavesdropped from nearly 26 metres away if there is a hanging light bulb near the location of the conversation.

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It operates by detecting vibrations produced from lightbulbs as a result of changes in air pressures caused by the sound waves of people conversing.

According to Forbes, a global media organization having focus on entrepreneurship, business, investing and technology reported that, " when the sound waves hit the surface of the room, this triggers small vibrations after the sound bouncing off the surfaces which vibrations can then be picked up through an electro- optical sensor focused at the bulb. "

To achieve the eavesdrop, the setup consisting of a telescope to provide a near view of the room containing the bulb is used. An electro- optical sensor is mounted on the telescope to convert light into an electrical current.

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The hackers however need a clear line of sight between their electro- optical sensor- equipped telescope and the hanging light bulb in concern for picking up the conversation.

So, if the curtains are closed on a window or the light bulb is lit behind a lampshade of any sort, then the eavesdropping technique will not be able to work. Also the bulb must be hanging to enable it freely vibrate.

An analog- to- digital converter makes signal change from electrical to digital information.

A laptop then processes the incoming signals and recognizes the recovered sound data.

When it comes to music, the researchers used Shazam to correctly identify it whereas for human speech recognition, Google Cloud Speech was used to transcribe the conversation according to Forbes.

Quality and accuracy is almost in all life dimensions and so quality applies as well applies in this eavesdropping technology.

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It will basically rely on how loud the people' s conversation in the room is and how close the people are to the light bulb in question.

" Any sound in the room can be recovered with no need to hack anything and no requirement for any device to be in the room. You just need a straight line of sight to a hanging bulb. " said the Israeli researchers in their study.

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