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5 Things You Should Never Post In Any Social Media Platform

The technology has made it easier for people expose the secrets of the own life without knowing. On social media platforms, you don't have to post everything about yourself. There is a limit and things to keep private for you alone. See this five.

1. Your current location

It is safe to keep this information to yourself. This will pave a way for your enemies to easily trace and do harm to you. For example, when you are not at home and you post you picture and location, some thiefs might break into your home after knowing where you are. Even if you are at the beach, you don't have to show off to others. Just enjoy yourself and travel back silently.

2. Embarrassing pictures of other people

Posting about others people's embarrassing moments is similar to laughing at their situation. This will expose to the public the kind of person you are. Remember the energy you give out will come back to you. Take care when posting other people. Mind your own business and focus on yourself.

3. Your day of graduation

Not everybody is happy that you have graduated. Some have been wishing you bad along your early journey and probably they will not be happy to see you graduating. Majority of the graduands may decide to berry all the village for their graduation. This might not be a good idea too.

4. Strong political opinions

Your political stand should always remain secret to you. Different people have different opinions in politics. To avoid any argument that might lead to fight, it is good to avoid posting any political opinions on social media platforms.

5. Your relationships

Not all people can feel good about your happy relationship. Always ruin good things. Keep your love secret between yourselves.

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