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Tv vs projector:Which picture technology should you choose

Both tvs and projectors are used for the same purpose of sound and picture.Many people own tvs in their living rooms,but it comes a time when someone wants to upgrade to a new set of home theatre then this is where he start figuring out whether to upgrade to a tv or projector.

Lets see where tv and projector differ.

1.Screen size and pricing

Tvs come in different sizes of screens and prices.

.Unlike tvs projectors have flexible sizes of picture.

.You can get a massive picture from small projector but not from a small tv.

This is why cinemas are commited to using projectors because of size of the picture they offer.Tvs cant compete with projectors when it comes to offering size of picture.Though there are big tv screens on market,most of them come with huge prices compared to price of projectors but still they cant offer wider picture than a projector. set up

Tvs are simple to setup.

Tvs set up a permanent footprint of your hometheatre.

Projectors are flexible and portable.

-There is simplicity in setting up a tv in a room than a projector,You just need to figure up a space where you will install tv,it is also easier to install audio speakers,dvd players e.t.c using a tv as a hub.It is easier to minimize cables from audio speakers,dvd players running from one point to another in long distances.

On the other hand of the projector,there is some complexity when it comes to setting up and instaling a projector.Projectors need more space in a room for it to work efficiently.Projectors are placed at furthest point of the room so that a bigger picture can be projected on the screen or wall.If you have a smooth painted wall,you can project the image on it hence saving you some extra expenses of purchasing a screen though for quality picture you need a screen.

Unless projector has built in speakers and batteries,you will need some lengthy cables to run from projector to other points such as speakers,dvds,laptops e.t.c.This would incurr extra expenditure in purchasing cables.Also lengthy cables will occupy some space in your room.

Big advantage here is that projector is easier to move from one point to another compared to a big tv.

Image quality

setup of room doesnt affect tv image while on the projector side,image quality is depedent on room setup.

Advanced features are affordable on tvs.

tv image quality is easily controlled.

Right now buying a tv,most of them offer a 4k image technology and on top of them most come with a HDR feature(High dynamic range).The 4k and hdr features are available on budget saving tv models.

Meanwhile image you get from projector is another story .Getting 4k or Hdr features on projector is not that easy .The projector that offers 4k image is more expensive than a tv with the same feature and they are very rare on market.

Resolution defines how picture will be on projected surfaces.Factors such as colour of wall,light in the room affects the image of projector even from the 4k one.

Tv vs projector :conclusion

There is much to consider when going for tv or projector,this guide is not exhausted therefore going for a tv would be better idea because most of the tvs offer the latest features e.g hdr,4k,e.t.c

Tv would consume less space in your room,especially if your room is small going for the tv is advisable.

When it comes to gaming,tvs offer the best experience because they dont lag in displaying image when compared to the projector.

You ll need to pay attention when it comes to which type of projector you are buying either Led one or the old fashioned ones which come with a special lighting bulb which will only function for some few thousand hours before it is replaced or blows up.Led projectors has a higher lifespan therefore choose it for durability.

Projectors are good when it comes to flexibility and massive picture.projectors can be easily carried from one point to another compared to big tvs.To get quality picture from projector,you ll need alot of leg work compared to when instaling a tv set.

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