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Expensive Earphones Used By Kipchoge

Marathon Runner Eliud Kipchoge uses headphones during workouts to filter out annoying background noise and give himself an extra boost of drive.

It is crucial for him to carefully assess the kind of headphones he wears, which is presumably why he chose a set that costs between Sh20,000 and Sh30,000 when shipping is factored in.

One of Kipchoge's top ten must-have goods is a set of Aftershokz headphones made in China.

These earphones are quite distinctive. You can see that I have personally signed it and that it says, "No human is restricted," which is my motto, according to an interview he just gave to GQ.

The earbuds' most unexpected feature is that, in contrast to other kinds, these don't truly fit inside your ear.

By using bone conduction technology, they can vibrate your inner ear without covering it.

This is crucial for Kipchoge in particular since it allows him to listen to his favorite music while running without compromising his situational awareness. These earphones could save your life if you're running on the road.

He is still able to hear other pedestrians, oncoming cars, and any other potential road hazards because these headphones don't block or even touch his ear canal.

The Aftershokz are also incredibly comfortable to wear, in contrast to standard in-ear headphones that might grow uncomfortable over time.

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