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No Data No Stress. This Is How to Browse Freely on Opera Mini

Your favorite browser opera mini has never ceased to come up with amazing features that improve user experience. The 'free opera' mode for instance comes in handy when one has ran out of data bundles. There is nothing more annoying than when you want to browse out something urgently only to realize your data balance is zero. Free opera is therefore useful in that just like free Facebook, it also allows free browsing.

Even though it is not a new feature many people are still unaware of it. If you have all along been thinking that it is a mere rumor then today I'll will show you how to activate the free opera feature. One thing to note however is that you can only browse while using free mode. In order to download anything there is no shortcut other than buying cellular data. If your free mode opera is not working then check the procedure below to activate and use it:

1. Turn on cellular data (when you are out of data bundles) and then launch the opera browser app in your app drawer. 

2. Once the app is open click on the red opera mini icon at the bottom right of the opera homescreen.

3. On the pop-up menu click the settings icon (gear shaped icon) 

4. Scroll down to 'Data savings' option.

5. On the first option namely 'Settings' click the arrow at the right side and then choose 'Extreme'.

6. Now go back to the opera home screen and search for whatever you wish.

If it still doesn't work then ensure you use your Safaricom SIM card since it may not work with the other networks. It may also be due to poor network connectivity.

Content created and supplied by: Leica254 (via Opera News )


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