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Social Media Killed The Good Old Socialization

Social media is taking over physical contact. The socialization that used to be so common in the yester years is diminishing fast as technology travels into the remote parts of the world. In the few years to come, the physical meetings will go virtual. Covid-19 made a great impact by catalyzing all the social activities to be virtual. Schooling went virtual in most advanced countries. It was not possible in the third world countries as the technology involved is too expensive to reach the remote parts.

Are people genuine on the social media? This is very a crucial question because one feels that not everything adds up whenever they visit the social media. Have you seen someone sending love messages to their beloved ones on Facebook or any other platforms and they may be living in the same building with the person? I have seen people taking a picture of their eighty-plus-year-old grandmother and declaring thus “I love you so much granny.” I stand corrected but I do not find this as genuine for two reasons; one, at this age, the granny must be greatly allergic to the technology used. Secondly, at a certain age, your brain tells you that every thing technology is satanic. People send ‘RIP’ messages but never attend funerals because it is easy to just type and convince the bereaved colleague or relative that you felt for them.

People flirt over the social media whenever they are bored and one or two dupes will fall for some compliments thinking that the person on the other end is genuine. Life has become ‘plastic’ in a sense as the lustre and nostalgia of ‘the good old days’ is fast diminishing. Many are not heeding to their conscience as material things have become the priority.

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