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If you possess oppo reno5 then you should check out for this

The latest flagship smartphone of OPPO the Reno series pack with features, and there are smarter ways you can enjoy better and further your creativity with the Reno Series hidden features.Below are the hidden tricks that your can explore:

Screen-off Gestures

OPPO Reno has some unique gestures . To activate this: first, go to settings, scroll down to find the Convenience Aid option then at the bottom, select the Gesture & Motion menu and next, choose Screen-Off Gestures at the top of the selection; and last activate Screen-off Gestures, then select gestures you would like to turn on with designated gesture symbols: such are V to turn on flashlight, O to enable Camera, double-tap to turn the screen on.

Turn on the bluelight filter

To turn on Night Shield, tap Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shield. Here, you can turn it on right away, schedule a time to automatically turn it on and off, and adjust the color temperature of the screen.

Lock your phone without using the power button

Using the One-Tap Lockscreen button to lock your screen can help you to extend the power button lifetime by simply using it lesser. It can be found in the Tools folder, and you can also move it to any part of the screen that your finger can reach easily.

split-Screen Function

The Reno series can handle multitasking easy with their Split-Screen capability. To use this function: Go to settings and select App Split-screen at the bottom part of the options, switch on App Split-screen and it will automatically activate the three-finger swipe up gesture. To try, prompt an application then swipe-up to split the screen. To go back to the normal screen, swipe up again using the three-finger swipe gesture.

Lift or double tap to wake

You can set the phone to turn on the screen when you pick it up or double tap anywhere on the screen while the screen is turned off.

To activate lift to wake gesture, follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Convenience Aid > Gesture & Motion

Turn on the Raise to Turn On Screen option.

Content created and supplied by: TechEnthuasists (via Opera News )

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