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WARNING: Beware of These 4 New Tricks Used by Conmen to Siphon Thousands from Facebook Users

Social media has become a common denominator for many people especially youths. Many platforms such such Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,just to mention a few,have become an immediate source of news as well as entertainment across the globe. But,as much as they come with numerous benefits, side effects of using these platforms also come in handy.

The_Corridors,an opera news content creator, have done an extensive research to reveal how conmen now mint thousands of shillings from unsuspecting Kenyans,mainly through Facebook messenger. Can I call it the Facebook money galore? Ostensibly yes. The research through messenger chats with unsuspecting conmen, exposes the new formula used by thieves posing in ways that easily lure their targets into losing huge cash.

Most common method used by these conmen is by posing as a white person looking for a love partner,probably aware that their are desperate youths looking for an opportunity to travel abroad,rather to be rich. Most of them will tell you how they recently lost their spouses,have young kid(s) who need a father/mother figure, and how you are the only handsome/beautiful person in the world to field that position.

Opera news' The_Corridors are in possession of screenshots of the same trick from a white lady going by Facebook name as Pamela Eric who tried to dub person X(our researcher). By just liking her Facebook post in July 2020,the lady immediately contacted the person X in his messenger, telling how she had lost her husband in an accident and needed a father for her only child. At the beginning of their interaction, she was ready to visit Kenya or send money to process the air tickets for person X to visit her in the UK.The unsuspecting person X thought he was lucky and was quick to involve her in a chatting spree,with exchange of lovely photos,talks of how they could make a family,a choice of where they would live and how Pamela was to make him rich never missing in each day's chat - which went on for 4days.

Pamela then asked for a video chat after refusing to provide her WhatsApp number,probably after knowing that person X could not access a video cam. She then offered to "buy" him an iPhone laptop which was to be sent through Nigeria and then to Kenya with a promise of incurring all the expenses. But that was never the case.

Here is where a fee was demanded from person X to help facilitate the transportation after the laptop allegedly reached Nigeria, and a total of around Ksh.15,000(45,000 nigerian money). Aware of the tricks,he pretended to be unable to afford the cash,and that was the end of their conversion.

The second formula is to trick the youths who are hungry for quick cash and want to join the illuminati,where they think their is free money. There are fake agents all over and will text you to join them to live a good life. Our Person X was contacted by such a person.With person X assuming to be willing to join,a registration and initiation fee of Ksh. 2500 was demanded before any procedure was to begin. Most interestingly, he was required to present a scull of a 69year old albino who was buried 69years ago,or an equivalent amount of Ksh. 35,000 after paying the registration fee. The reveler claimed that the scull was to be used for initiation rights,but person X quickly realised he was now set to lose his money.

Please relax,work hard, make your money and invest. Avoid quick wealth,it will end in vanity. You will pay all these fees and lose your money.

Another unsuspecting formula currently used to siphon cash from Facebook users is where the conmen pose as a political figure or they famous associate. Here,we came across a Facebook user by the name Rachel Ruto. Her profile picture is as well that of the wife to the second lady. But the fact is, IT'S NOT HER real account, just a conman. The person claimed to be willing to help improve our person X's bisiness by awarding a funding of Ksh.50,000 from a so called Inua Jamii Program and in return, support DP Ruto come 2022. The condition for person X to receive the funding was to register with the "Inua Jamii Program" at a fee of Ksh. 850. After pretending to register him online, an M-pesa number was provided though which he was to send the fee.

Another trick used by conmen is posing as traditional healers especially from Western and Central Africa, who are able to help you solve your several problems at a fee. Please don't fall prey for this trick too.

We are warning you to desist from falling a victim of these tricks and losing your money. Please lower your expectations and have a valid dream,many of them won't come true through social media platforms. The white partner you are dreaming of,the lavish lifestyle and cheap cash are never products of social media platforms, but a product of your hard work and true belief in God.

Content created and supplied by: The_Corridors (via Opera News )


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