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Frightening Sculptures in the Garden of Barmozo

Garden of Barmozo was not mearnt to he pretty. It was established in 1552 by Prince Orsini to express grief and shock. Vicini the Prince had just been through a fierce war, his best friend died in the war. He had been held in ransom for years and came home only for his beloved wife to die. The garden is in Italy.

With grief, the prince wanted to create a shocking garden, Villa of wonders. He hired a highly respected and experienced architect Pierro to help him design the garden.

The park is filled with bizarre and fascinating sculptures of which only the accompanying inscriptions provide explanations. It includes a war elephant, a monstrous fish head, a giant tearing another giant in half and a house built on a tilt to disorient the viewer.

Without doubt, the most terrifying place in the garden bid an enormous head mouth widened. Have you ever visited this place? If not, mention other places scary like the Villa of Wonders.

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