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5 Unusual Discoveries That Are Beyond Your Expectations

1.The giant stone spheres of Costa Rica.

These mysterious stones found in Costa Rica remain a mystery since no one knows their origin or purpose. It seems they were shaped by humans but the big question is why and for what.They were found in 1930 by some workers trying to clear a jungle made of banana plantation.These stones are actually perfect spheres.

2.The Longyou caves found in China.

It is hard to believe that these caves were built by human hands.Because in those ancient times there were no machines to carry out such tasks.It is estimated that with modern equipment, to finish the job, would require up to a thousand labourers. There is no evidence even in history that suggests or even tries to explain how these caves were constructed.They have been in existence for centuries and centuries.

3.Gate of the sun found in Bolivia.

Found in one of the ancient cities in Bolivia.Some people believe that there used to be a kingdom that existed within the place and that is why there is a gate.The gate has curvings that nobody knows what they mean.Some believe the curvings had some astrological importance back then.

4.The Moa bird.

The birds existed many years ago and were only found in New Zealand. These flightless birds became extinct about 1500 years ago.It is said that they were killed leaving no survivors behind.

It was in one of the recent excavations about 5 centuries later that scientist came across one of their claws.It was so huge. It is very difficult to explain how this particular claw was well preserved for more than 500 years after the bird was declared extinct.

5.The Saqsaywaman temple found in Peru.

The kind of stonework done in this temple has no explanation.This temple was built in times where there were no machines to cut the stones in perfect shapes.All blocks are perfectly arranged; that even the thinnest piece of paper cannot pass through the walls. The question many ask themselves and hope to find an answer is who did the work and how they were able to bring such a perfect alignment without any machines.

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