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5 Steps to Better Online Writing

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"We've all heard that a journey of a thousand times starts with a single step. But we need also remember that a journey to nowhere also starts with a single step."

You will agree with me that writing can be frightening even if you are a skilled writer. But, what if you break it down to simpler steps that can be easy to follow up and apply? So that writing becomes easier and not boring as everyone thinks of?

The main purpose of this guide is to help you write properly and efficiently without having to struggle and also to understand the basic needs of writing a great text that could bring you more attention and engagement.

Here are the five steps of writing better online article or a post. By following this guide you will be to;

1. Write better and faster.

2. Improve your writing skills

3. Grow your grammar and spelling

4. Understand how organize your ideas in one place

Step 1. Prewriting

This is the first stage in any piece of writing. In this phase you should be able to organized your work in one place. This means you have to make your research thoroughly, brainstorm on ideas and search for related keywords on your topic.

Prewriting strategies include; freewriting, clustering and outlining. if you use this strategies in the writing process, you will improve your content quality.

Step 2. Drafting

At this stage, now that you have your work outlined. You need focus on writing a rough copy, without having to worry about grammatical errors, spellings. Just write.

Feel free to check out your work, but don't use much of time checking every sentence and paragraphs. This will intimidate you and hence affect your outcome. Just check less, write more a good way to go.

Step 3. Revision

A good article must be revised more than three times, don't rush into publishing your article. Revising your work helps you to note mistakes that might be in your article, which can be corrected.

You should understand that this is critical phase in the writing sequence. It's important that you revisit your work to change the available mistakes and errors already made. By doing so, the quality of your article grows.

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Step 4. Editing

Now that you've revised your work, you need to also edit. By editing it you will be able clarify your ideas and correct spelling and grammar mistakes.

Step 5. Publishing

This is the final phase of the writing process, you should be able to share your story with the world maybe try to post it on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook e.t.c or tell your friends about your new post.

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