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Opinion: 3 cultural practices that Masai Moran's need to be encouraged to continue doing

This article is not written to insight the tribe in question. But to encourage them to continue enriching their positive values of culture in everyway like before. Culture is trade, it brings out what others don't have.

It is well known around the world of the Masai tribe which is found along the three countries of east Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

This is because of how they treasure and keep their culture.

From birth to when a Masai is recognized as a Moran ( warrior). He has passed along several stages to qualify.

Today though, most of them in towns, you will find that common known positive cultural practices are not emphasized among the youth.

Maybe be they call it old fashioned.

These are.

1. Ear piercing

Most Masai Moran's you find in town currently are engaged in business, mostly selling shoes and their traditional medicine.

If you watch closely on these young men ears, they are not pierced like before.

This used to be an easy mark of recognition for them. It also added beauty as one could cover them with beads and more.

2. Branding on the skin.

Another element that is associated with this tribe is the branding of the skin on their faces.

You will find a mark, mostly round in shape.

This is not seen in most of the young men, most of whom we meet and trade in towns.

3. Hair breading.

Some time back I used to look longer on the shining hair of the Moran's when they pass in town.

And the way they like walking in groups.

Their hair shining red with red Ork and we'll woaven into thin long threads.

Today, only a few are doing so. Many are donning shot hair like any other youths around..

We should encourage the good practices of our culture to the comming generations so as we keep the richness and uniqueness.

The question we should ask our selves is.

What am I without the values of our rich and positive culture.

Please leave your comments below on encouragement.

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