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5 Hilarious Luo Sayings That Will Break Your Ribs

The Luo are ethnically and linguistically related Nilotic ethnic groups in Africa that inhabit an area starting from South Sudan and Ethiopia, through Northern Uganda and eastern Congo (DRC), into western Kenya, and the Mara Region of Tanzania.

Their Luo languages belong to the Nilotic group and as such form part of the larger Eastern Sudanic family.

This article focuses on those in Western Kenya, who are much known for their hilarious slogan "Ujaluo Ni Gharama". 

They have managed to live a lifestyle full of 'Gharama', which involves spending like you own the World Bank.

The Luos came up with funny sayings that makes them enjoy the title "Ujaluo Ni Gharama". Here are some of those sayings.

1. A luo doesn’t live in ‘Nyumba Ya Mabati,‘ they live in aluminium apartments. With this, no Luo can feel intimidated for staying in a .mabati' house, after all happiness is all about accepting the situations

2. Luos don’t throw stones, they just distribute natural resources vertically.They are known for throwing stones as their way of attacking the enemy, or defending themselves. To validate their way of defense, the came up with this saying. Validating yourself to a situation to fit there 

3. Luos don’t attend events, their arrival is the event.It is only in Luo, you remember Jared Otieno? Do you remember how he delivered dowry to his fianceé’s home in Meru? His arrival was the headlines not the function itself. The point is as clear as that, simple!

4. Luos don’t cheat on their women, they just love every female equally. If he can love equally, then he is not cheating, he is choosing the polygamous way, which is not illegal in the country.

5. Luos don’t become broke, they are on financial off peak.This slogan helps Luos to remain happy even if they are broke, happiness starts with you, so find out ways how you can earn it.

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