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What the Tear Drop Tattoo Means in Prison(Image)

Tattoing being an art it can be traced back in history in about any culture. Symbolism is still a major feature of most tattoos.

Many modern tattoo artists and clients are only content with gettinh certain pieces for the purpose of aesthetics rather than the meaning.

In most cases, people who get tattoos do so because they have a deeper meaning behind them.

But in prisons, prisoners with tattoos take these secret meanings and hidden symbols to a completely different level.

Today, we will be taking a look at some of the most common prison and gang tattoos so we can decode the secret meanings behind them.

The Tear Drop Tattoo

A teardrop tattoo is probably the most recognizable of all the prison tattoos.

The teardrop is usually placed on the face below the eye, one of the most visible and logical places on a person's body. It makes it look like the person is actually shedding a tear.

In prison, the tattoo means that the person has murdered someone or attempted murder.

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Tear Drop Tattoo


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