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7 TOP Golden Lessons From the Book THE 48 LAWS OF POWER.

1. OK Is Not Good Enough

It’s that sense of perfectionism that is the difference between a mediocre book and a timeless one.

Ask yourself: Did I throw away some pretty good stuff? If I didn’t, it means I’ve settled.

2. Be Amoral in Your Assessments, Be Ethical In Your Actions

Books explain what various species do. But as humans we’re free to make our own choices in our own lives, and we should choose well as he has done.

3. Objectivity Is Everything

It’s not about seeing the world negatively, it’s about removing that impartiality we project on it.

4. Be Better Than People Expect

When you create public work, people naturally make assumptions about you. You should be nicer, funnier, smarter, more open-minded, cooler, more informed.

5. Make Your Way to the Inside

When we approach a field we haven’t yet studied, we are on the outside of. But as we put in the work, as we familiarize ourselves with every component, as we develop our intuitive field, we eventually make our way to this inside.

6. Alive Time or Dead Time?

Dead time where we are just waiting. Alive time where we are learning and active and leveraging. There’s no third option. You have to choose!

7. Learn The Art of Patience

It’s easier to be patient when nothing is happening though. Let the time does its best. Let it grow.

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OK Is Not Good Enough


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