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Is Being Happy The Way to Go?

YES! Happiness is the way to go. Today happiness has become so rare in our society because most people are so busy chasing life forgetting their happiness. In today's world if you really want to be happy then you have to stop sitting down waiting for someone to be the source of your happiness or the cause for your joy in life and be your own happiness.

Being happy is not only healthy but also promotes a successfully life because you spend more time on positive things rather than negative ones. If you choose being happy and surround yourself with happiness you definitely go an extra mile even in life.

Though most people indulge in drugs inorder to seek happiness, this is one of the most common misconception because drugs don't make anyone happy but just uplift their spirit and make them forget their sorrows for sometime but do not make their problems go away. So drugs is not a solution when one is emotionally drained.

There are so many ways to maintain happiness like being with the people you love, spending time with people who add value to your life rather than people who keep discouraging and lowering your esteem. Doing the right thing also makes someone at peace this promoting happiness. Indulging in fun activities also promotes happiness. Cooking, baking or any activity that keeps you excited, talking to happy people, practicing random kindness and even daydreaming can make someone stay happy.

To maintain the smile and keep being happy avoid negative energy. Be happy and spread Happiness 🤗.

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