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Things You Should Never Force In Life

As human beings we should just live our life without having to fear what will happen with some other things in life.

Here are six things you should never at any cost force in this life.

1. Friendships.

Having a friend is not necessary, especially if you have to force it to exist.

2. Love.

Love should always be two way. If it is not two way let it go,it is not worth your time.

3. Attention.

Instead of begging for attention, get busy and do something with your life.

4. Healing.

They say time is a healer. Do not force yourself into healing, give it time and you will absolutely heal. It should not be today or tomorrow, it may be a year later.

5. Relationships.

Why on earth will you force a relationship? If it doesn't work out leave it alone and focus on other things.

6. Figuring it all out.

There's no one, absolutely no one who has it all figured out. No matter how rich a person, they are still struggling. We are usually told even the rich cry.

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