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4 Life-changing Messages From Authors

Ever wondered why some people think reading many books is a waste of time or not even necessary? The answer is, we often find some books boring and meaningless to us. But some are very interesting.

However, it is palpably true that books change life. Reading books can influence the way someone thinks and reasons. To open a book is like to step into a different world. And since authors are people who live among us, when they write, they portray what life is on paper. They speak to the society and touch people’s lives.

Here is a list of four quotes by different writers, that can change your life forever.

1. It pays to have a good tongue in your head if you have no money in the pocket

Through her novel, 'The River And The Source', Margret Ogolla reminds us about the power of the tongue. The tongue is a small but powerful organ. It can attract either abundance or scarcity, depending on how you use it. Many a times, people think they need more money than they already have to succeed in life. In fact, lot of people believe that without money, they cannot achieve anything. If you have insufficient or no money to achieve your dreams, use your tongue well to persuade people and build a good connections with them. You will stand at a chance to win a jackpot from them.

2. Dramatic moments come and go

John Kirpan in 'God Hunger', strengthens our minds to learn the art of forgetting the past and focusing ahead. The Earth we’re living in is a crazy world. Bad things happen to good people. Some are very scary and traumatic. How long do you take to recover from an episode that is turbulent or highly emotional? It’s important to remember that no matter what the situation is, it can’t be permanent.

Declare yourself the winner by staying positive.

3. You are precious

How many times have you been told how beautiful or handsome you are? Maybe you also remember that someone ever told you how irritating or ugly you are to them. I know it wounded your golden heart and that’s why I had to deliver unto you this mind-blowing message from Max Lucado. In his book, 'In the Eye of the Storm' , he reminds us that everyone is so precious to God. No matter the negative comments someone may throw carelessly at you, believe that you’re precious to Him and that’s what matters.

4. A mature man is his own judge

First, let’s paraphrase this Paula Ripples’ statement into : “A mature human being is his or her own judge”. Yeah, that sounds gender sensitive.

Most importantly, 'Walking with Loneliness' is a book I would recommend to someone stuck between self-antagonism and social pressure. The society we live in often demands many sacrifices that may end up watering down our own principles. Ripples remind us that we become strong when our lives are built upon a set of personal perspectives and decisions that keeps us steering a head. Advice can be awesome but never let anyone to make decisions and formulate perceptions on your behalf because you are your own judge.

In a nut shell, lets teach our minds the art of letting hope and the inborn strength to reign in all circumstances. We all have the freedom to choose, chances to be and the power to win.

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