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Take a look at the story of the man leaving in an iron lung that could inspire you

It's only on the Comics and the movies whereby, you can find a person who has the robotic arm, leg or even an robotic heart and lung. Well, meet Paul Alexander. The man has been suffering from polio and since the Year 1952 where he was only six. He hasn't been able to breathe on his own.

He is paralyzed from the neck down to his legs. And with the help of the machine from the photo above it helps him breathe using negative pressure to take air into his lungs. He says that he has been fighting polio everyday and it has been hard painful and tiring.

If only you could imagine how he feels not being able to move wake up, Play, hang out with friends, go anywhere but just lying down every single time. Even with all these, nothing has stopped him from pursuing his dreams. He worked hard to graduate with honours from High School.

He applied for the university but was denied because he was not injected the polio vaccine. After three years of trying, he was finally accepted into the university. He managed to pass the bar and graduated to become a lawyer. With the help of a pen attached to a stick and using his mouth, he wrote his own book with it.

He as well draws using the same Style. His book main message is that no matter where you're from you could do anything by just setting your mind and working hard.

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Paul Alexander


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