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5 Most Bizarre Sculptures In the World

1. Traffic Light Tree

Here's another one from the UK that is just odd to think about.

Designed by Pierre Vivant, “Traffic Light Tree” has 75 sets of traffic lights. The sculpture was created to mimic a tree structure and reflect the energy of the developing Canary Wharf area.

Of course, while you can respect something that is meant to reflect the energy and potentially help an area gain tourism revenue, you can't help but look at this and be perplexed. After all, ask yourself, how was this thing approved as a legitimate art installation?

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2. The Naked Buddhas

There are all sorts of Buddha statues all over the world, including one in China that stands almost 300 feet (88 meters) tall, as well as weighs around 700 tons. Now that’s a lot of Buddha!

But also in China, an eatery decided to make a curious addition to their housing, by building naked Buddha statues around it. One of these statues is depicted as actually trying to climb the building itself!

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3. The Wedding Rings

Are giant rings sticking out of the ground? It’s probably not your average sculpture! One of the most unusual attractions in Vancouver, these rings are made from steel, aluminum, and glass. They stick out of the ground at an angle, as though they’re about to fall over. However, in reality, they are both firmly stuck in the ground, a symbol of the strength of love.

Image result for 3. The Wedding Rings3. The Wedding Rings

4. Vomiting Fountain Sculpture

And now, for the "why in the world does this exist?" sculpture that’s likely to shock people with certain sensibilities. In case you didn’t know, in London, there is indeed a sculpture of a man that is vomiting, and they've rigged it up so that there is water coming out of his mouth at all times.

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5. Giant Pink Bunny of Artesian

Some things just go and defy explanation, logic, reasoning, and just plain common sense, and in Italy, you'll find a "sculpture" like that in the form of the Giant Pink Bunny of Artesian.

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