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Tale of The Anthill Which Allegedly Gave Birth to Akamba Community.

Myths are some some of the accepted theories which explain about the origin of some African communities. The Akamba are among such communities whose myth is not only interesting but would also leave you wondering how their fore fathers sat and agreed on it as a story to be told to generations.

According to the Eastern community , they originated from an Anthill in Nzaui hills. These famous region gave birth to these great community, according to them the hill used to be super huge and as a result of eruption(giving birth) it reduced to a half it's original size. The first Akamba daughters and sons were brought to the world. The lightskinned lot and who are the majority in the region are said to have been made later in the hill when the clay was still hot. The Anthill is what stand today and hills of Mbui Nzau with the small hills being the home to where the first clans lived.

The Akamba divisions continued after leaving Nzaui to form the current clans todate. These are the: Aombe, Amutei, Auani, Ethanga among others. Today the Akamba occupy the counties of Kitui, Machakos and Makueni. They have closely related social and economic organization. They speak the same language that is Kikamba.

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