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5 life approaches that will bring change in your life

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

The situation you’re right now is very important as it tells us who you are but the efforts you’re making to get yourself to a better condition is all that matters.

You may be broke, unskilled or heartbroken but the big question is what are you doing to change your situation?

Approaches that will enable you bring a positive change in your life

1.      Learn to react and respond to things at the right time.

Reaction is what you do after something has happened and it’s externally motivated. A response is a decision that is internally driven and is planned before or immediately something happens. Many people react when they are supposed to respond and respond when they should react. Never react to change. Learn how to convert reactions into counter actions.

2.      Start seeing yourself as a solution. Figure out what you can do to make things work out for yourself instead of waiting to get solutions from others.

The ability to make the change you desire lies at your hands. Be the change you want.

3.      Learn to be ready to be wrong. Those who are scared of being wrong reduce their chances of being right.

4.      Teach yourself to overcome the fear of failure.

The fear of failure is the strongest confining force on earth. Get out and overcome that fear and you will see a great change in your life. You may have a good voice but you’re afraid to join the church choir just because you’re afraid of how people will see you.

5.      Take time to add value to yourself.

 Even a trained dog commands a premium fee because of the added value in it. The value you add to your life determines the value that life adds to you and your success.

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