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The Origin of the Sheng Word "Mwakenya"

The sheng word "mwakenya" is used to refer to small pieces of written materials sneaked into the exam room. These materials are used to cheat. Using "mwakenya" is the same as cheating in an exam room. That is the meaning it has been given today.

The origin of this word can be traced far after independence. This word was composed during the reign of President Moi. "Mwakenya" was an underground socialist movement in Kenya that was formed to fight for multi-party democracy. It was formed in the 1980s. It meant "A Union of Patriotic Kenyans." 

This word was later used to refer to seditious materials that had to be hidden from the government. The materials were written in very small print so that a small piece of paper could be able to carry a lot of information with it. The information was aimed at fighting for democracy and the end of dictatorship. It was a proud word. Nowadays, it carries a completely different meaning.

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