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Old Is Gold, Here Are Two Grannies That Should Be Given National Recognition For Their Age

In the current world people don't live for a very long time. The life span of human being is 70 years, the rest years above are counted 'bonus years' so if you see a person above 70 years they are among the lucky ones.

But the case of these three elders is special. Their ages are suprising. They have lived for many years. Some are almost doubling the estimated life span of a person. Their ages should qualify them to be given state recognition.

1. Sarah Chepkirui

Sarah Chepkirui who is arguably Kenya's oldest woman, hails from Kipchimchim Ward, Kericho county, is 138 years old and claims she was born in 1880. According to her, Chepkirui is a hero who deserves state recognition as she took part in the fight for freedom of our country.

According to her family, She is the oldest person in the world. Sarah Chepkirui from Kipchimchim ward, Kericho County was born in 1880. She is now 138 years old beating The World Guinness Book of records holder Violet Brown from Jamaica who died in the year 2017 when she was 117years old. She should be recognized.

2. Njoki Wainaina

Njoki is a woman in Kenya's Central Province could be the oldest person in the world, according to her family, who say she is 143.

If the family's claims are to be believed, Njoki Wainaina was born more than 15 years before Livingstone met Stanley.Certainly Njoki, who lives in a village north of Nairobi, looks as though she could be 143, with her wizened face and tiny frame.

But since she possesses no birth certificate, Njoki is unlikely ever to be officially recognised as older than Jeanne Calment of France, who died last year at 122.

what do you think about these two grannies, should they be given national recognition? Leave your thoughts on the comments section and kindly share and follow up on my channel for more information.

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