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5 Buildings In Nairobi Designed By The Free Manson

Grand Master Temple Moore, the only known Freemason architect at the time, recruited Freemasons to help with the design of government buildings in 1917.

The commissioner's home was likewise personally designed by the architect, and it turned out to be the most desirable property in all of Kenya.

Inside the city are several examples of free mason-designed structures:

1. Freemasons' hall, St. Andrew's Church, and All Saints' Cathedral.

2. Library of Congress, McMillan; Kipande Home

3. Home of Pan Africa

4. High Court and the headquarters of Kenya Railways

5. Place de l'hôtel Seville

6. Parliament building

7. Nairobi county governor's office

It is clear that the Freemasons shaped the early architecture of Nairobi, and that all the impressive and distinctive structures found in Kenya may trace their roots back to the same source.

Masons built everything in the city, from the ancient and mediaeval structures to the national monuments.

More than a century after their arrival, the talent of these artists in bricklaying, stonecarving, and precise construction is still plain to see in Kenya.

Its early architecture took cues from the styles of Washington, DC, London, Cape Town, Pretoria, New Delhi, India, and La Plata, Argentina.

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