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Why people look down on you

It’s horrible when people judge. Now when I say judge, I don’t mean disagree or critique or evaluate – I mean someone looks down on another person. But why do we look down on one another? 

From my own perspective, this is why people look down on others;

1. A lot of people look down on others because they think it makes them better. As they are insecure individuals and need validation by putting others down so that they don't feel that bad about themselves or own situation afterwards.

2. We sometimes forget other people's value perspective because it's easier to think that we are right and they are wrong.

3.Cultural upbringing and core beliefs. Nothing personal. People only react to others being different because they are not used to it, fear it or do not wish to be associated with it.

4. Others think they are superior than others.

Can you imagine going through life never looking down on anyone? It starts with the perception of self. Before we judge others, may we look at ourselves, our strengths, our shortcomings, our reactions, our biases. And if and when you do, perhaps you could look to see the beautiful work of the Lord Jesus, that we could look up to him out of thankfulness, and embrace those either side of us without looking down on anyone.

Do not allow anyone to make you feel inferior about you. What should matter to you is you. Just know you are special, you are special in your own way, the best of your own version and no one can take that away from you, not without your permission!

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