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Interesting facts On Some of the forgotten and abandoned places in the world

There is something interesting and striking about abandoned places. Whether it's a train cemetery in Bolivia, an Art Deco subway station underneath New York City, or village covered in sand dunes on the coast of Namibia, each location is a snapshot of history frozen in time. Take a tour of these mesmerizing sites around the world—stark reminders of what used to be, with beauty seeping through the broken glass and dust.

Some of these places have been listed below.

Tianducheng, Hangzhou, China

No,this isn't a picture of post-apocalyptic Paris. It's China’s Tianducheng district, a miniature replica of France's capital, located about 40 minutes away from Hangzhou. The ambitious (yet failed) real estate development was built in 2007, complete with its own Champs-Elysées and 300-foot Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, China's attempt to recreate the City of Light ended up being more creepy than romantic, as if the real Paris suddenly entered the Upside Down. Only a couple thousand residents remain (the city was built to house 10,000), and the streets are typically empty—save for the occasional bridal party posing for faux Parisian wedding photos.

Rummu Prison, Estonia

Of all the underwater sites around the world, Estonia's semi-emerged Rummu Prison might just be the creepiest. The prison was built by the Soviet Union and filled with inmates in the 1940s, where the prisoners were forced to work in the nearby limestone quarry. The jail was abandoned when Estonia gained its independence in 1991, and the lack of supervision caused the quarry to quickly fill up with water. Rummu Prison is now a popular beach, especially among scuba divers who want to explore the submerged buildings and mining equipment below the surface.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat was the city most affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. The incident released massive amounts of radiation, forcing the residents to flee. The spot is now one of the most well-known abandoned places in the world, thanks in large part to the ghostly reminders of what used to be: toys in a schoolhouse, clocks all frozen at the exact same time, and the famous decaying amusement park. The park has become so famous, in fact, that Ukraine is making it an official tourist attraction.

Gereja Ayam ("Chicken Church"), Magelang, Indonesia

If you ever find yourself in the jungles of central Java, you might stumble upon a dilapidated church that's equal parts awesome and confusing: Gereja Ayam, also known as the "Chicken Church." The church (which the architect intended to be in the shape of a dove—nice try!) opened its doors in the 1990s, serving as both a rehab and worship center for all religions;unfortunately, construction costs soon became too high and the project—and building—were abandoned in 2000. The foul fowl has become something of a tourist destination these days, with murals adorning the interior, incredible views of the surrounding forests through the beak, and even a small cafe selling treats near the tail feathers.

The Maunsell Sea Forts, England

Although they look like props from an H.G. Wells film adaptation, these giant metal towers in the Thames estuary were actually constructed to protect England from German air raids during WWII. The forts were decommissioned in the 1950s, and the abandoned towers were used by pirate radio operators in the following decades.

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