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Check Out This Beautiful Building That is becoming One Of Kenyas Architectural Pride


Over the years Africa has been a little behind when it comes to architecture, in buildings and sky scrapers.

But with the last decade am happy to announce that, we have made major strides in designing of buildings, even went an extra mile to put our cultural identity in the designs.

Today’s highlight is city sky scrapers, specifically in Nairobi the pride city of Kenyans, the most popular building including; KICC, Times Tower, I&M Bank Tower, Britam Tower, Kings Prism Tower and many others.

Well today’s highlight is the LE MAC towers, located in Nairobi on Waiyaki Way.

What makes this building special than the others is the fact that is has a glass-floor Balcony, which seems to intimidate many Kenyans, leaving them to make comments such as; “hiyo siwezi kanyaga ata nilipwe millioni moja”.

It has 30 floors, elevators and a total height of 413ft. The building costed 3.5 billion Kenyan shillings to construct, and is owned by Mark Properties.

The construction of the building started on 2012 and was completed on 2016.

Content created and supplied by: Benscott-bruz (via Opera News )

Africa Kings Prism Tower LE M Bank Tower Nairobi


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