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Celebrated Author Ngungi wa Thiongo Long Foresaw The Struggle For Power Between Rich And Poor

His novel, petal of blood, Which was published in 1977 has come to the forest seen even as the country heads to the 2022 general election. The novel highlight the society full of betrayal of peasants by the ruling elites.

The masses had no tribe, they were people of the same class sharing a common background in terms of their economic status, health status and are drawn from different ethnic background. In the end and after a strong political struggle, the peasants who are the hustler have it and seize to power from the rich and powerful elites who are the dynasties that had rules for so long time but long was not forever, and how terrible fall it was for the rich.

Petal of blood by Ngungi was Thiongo is no doubt a novel that needs to read again and again, and retold more clearly even as we had to the 2022 pools. What's more interesting is that Ngungi has. been ready in many countries of the world and his stories and fiction have always come to pass. More interesting is the fact that Ngungi wa Thiongo ideas are now being testo in his motherland in the runup to the political duel of 2022.

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Ngungi Ngungi wa Thiongo Thiongo


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