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Was Kenya Once Called Kiptororo (Tororo)? Find Out Below

Was East Africa once called Kiptororo or Tororo in the BC? From ancient records, it was highly likely. When Herodotus asked the ancient Egyptian priests where their aboriginal ancestors came from, he got two names Ntrr and Pwenet or Punt.

Ntrr is correctly Netoror or Tororo hills in Uganda although we have come to realize that indeed Kiptororo in Kuresoi could also have been the Ntrr of proto-Kalenjins of Kagypotai(Egypt) who went by the name Sebenitus.

At the time of Herodotus in the 5th BCE, Egypt was known as Kemet and had 7 million inhabitants-the most populous country of ancient times. Kemeet has given us emeet,empire,embassy(emeet ab sang),emirate(emeet ne ratat) etc.

Kemet means motherland from Kameet(mother) a word retained by Shagishu(Kikuyu) as Kamau. Netoror or Kiptororo means “Place of God,Tororot or Netoror) a word that spawned ‘nature,Natur,natural, natürlich which may also mean God. At the time, the Maasai were living in Libya and went by the name Maagan or Maadan although those who went to Mesoamerica and Yucatan Peninsular became Olmec.Modern Maasai are called Olmaa which recalls Olmec of USA and Mexico whose God is Asa(Asis) and the Moon God Olapa just like the Black Colchians of Russian and Georgia.Olapa is Moon in Maasai language or light emitted by the moon in Kalenjin(lapa araweet).

The proto-Kalenjins knew Somalia and surrounding areas as Pwenet or Punt meaning the land of sojourners. This recalls our “Punotik” of Kalenjin or Punic of Phoenicians, the military allies of Pharaohs. Prof Ivan Van Sertima tells us that indeed Africans from Egypt reached the three Americas looong before Christobel Colombo in 1498.

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