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'Raha Jipe Mwenyewe' Netizens React To This Trending Picture

If you commonly a committed in Kenyan roads it hardly to finish a day without noticing something funny in roads;from different writings in the matatus to racing Subaru's in Thika road. Different Kenyans go ahead to capture different scenes sharing them in social media for different reactions.

On Saturday a picture of a man sleeping in a sofa set well being ferried by a boda boda has excited netizens.The picture that was shared by sikika road safety with some Kenyans saying that only happens in Kenya.Others went ahead to praise him saying that he his wise by providing the balance to the seat.

One Mosiori Bakoaro said he is the only problem is when the reach a climbing Hone otherwise he is enjoying first class ride.some netizens said that Kenyans are stressed and the can do anything with one suggesting the man to be taken for check up.Other kenyans have continued to urge for crackdown of such people saying such recklesness is what has led to increased accidents in the country.

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