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Kenyans React To Beautiful Photos Of Ida Odinga And Raila Odinga At Church Reading A Verse

Raila Odinga was out today with his family for a church service. He captioned saying he's stepping out for 'azimio la akina mama'. Rail is a man of God who people believe that he will be the next president of Kenya. From his post, they are holding the bible with his wife reading a verse to church members.

Kenyans have left hilarious reactions from the post and here are some of them: Phil: Very Articulate, Very Sober,, Baba knows what hails this country and how to solve it,,

Paul: So someone who has God, Jesus, and numbers is worried when someone they assume has no God, has no Jesus and has no numbers gets supported by a few others? The logic in tanga tanga is hilarious! 

Next yr siyo mbali btw.

Kiprotich:Why now and not always. Ameokoka sasa ama ni siasa.

Charles: Which Church? Whos is your spiritual Father.

Goodman: Bishop Kananu in the house.

Henry: Itawezekana baba 2022

Samaki: The strangest thing with these women is the Bible.

Montekajamaa: Exodus 3:7 - And I have promised to bring you out of your MISERY in Egypt into the land of the CANAAN, a land flowing with milk and honey.

Which verse do you think the two were reading to Christians? Like share and leave a comment in the comments section. Stay safe.

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