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Challenges Faced by Upcoming Artists

The society we live in has got various talents amongst people and are categorized across all ages and gender. The notion that artists are people who perform only on the stage should be removed from how most communities perceive. The community should be equipped with knowledge to identify the artists.

Let us now know who is an artist. Art produces artists and we know how broad it is. However, the thriving art in Kenya is music this is because singing is easier than drawing as compared to innovation. You need advanced art to innovate something new for society. 

There are many common challenges artists experience for example:

-     Lack of skill motivation

-     Lack enough resources i.e., music studios, technical institutions

-     Lack of enough sponsorship

-     Lack of stable management

-     Expensive copyrights 

Some of these challenges can be addressed from a strategic point of view. If the skill is motivated there will be enough needed resources to have balanced management. 

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