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The Meaning of These Symbols on Milestones Along the Road and Why They are Painted Different Colours

Milestones are blocks placed along roads, on them are information of names of cities and figures. These stones are painted either black or yellow or green or red. These different colours bear different meanings. The meanings will never be displayed on them. The different colours carry important information that I would like to share with you people.

It is first important to note that these writings on the stone are the name, distance and other information of the city. These pieces of information were and are still relevant. Let me start with the limestone painted yellow on top because the remaining part is always painted white. This limestone painted yellow means you are travelling on a national highway.

The red coloured milestone means that the road you are travelling on is a village country road. Black coloured milestone, painted black on top and white at the bottom means that the road is a big city or a District Road.

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