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How do you measure a woman's worth?

What do you make of this story? A certain beautiful lady shared her journey through campus and shed light on the plight of campus mothers. From the very first day she knew she was destined for greatness and swore to herself that nothing in this life could deter her from achieving success in any area of life she set her focus on. As she narrates, she reported on the admission day with her six months old baby on did not let the fact that she was a young mother discourage her from making the long queues just like the rest , with her infant in her arms to get an admission into the Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences in a quest to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in English, Literature and Sociology. This was just the beginning of campus life and focusing on both motherhood and studies was no joke. She missed the parties organized for first years but all was not lost as she carried her bundle of joy to fellowship every evening. Along came love and campus life became sweet . The resentments she harbored towards her baby daddy soon faded. Sooner than she expected, exams approached and having missed numerous classes due to lack of baby daycare services and financial capacity to access these services , a lot of pressure on her to pass her exam weighed heavy on her. She studied day and night , sometimes with her baby crying and craving for attention on her back, and successfully managed to finish her first semester with a second class lower division at the end of her first year.

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