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"Hakuna Kuiba Hapo"- Kenyans React as Desagu Apologizes to MiniCheps for Stealing Her Photoshop Art


The award winning comedian Henry Desagu found himself in hot soup after he applied the idea of MiniCheps in his post which went rounds on social media platforms. Kenyans on social media blasted him saying that he should be creative as an artist and come up with new content that has not been produced by anyone. Desagu had photoshopped himself while holding a sheep and a goat on top of a table while the musician Akothee was having her breakfast.


This follows after Catherine Chepkemboi who is popularly known as MiniCheps came to the limelight in the beginning of 2021 after her artistic photoshop skills went viral. Her hardwork, determination and resilience has paid it all since she has landed into a deal with 'Salit Cooking Oil'.


Desagu has finally broken his silence after he was tagged in the photoshop he made. According to Desagu, he says that he is really sorry to MiniCheps and that he reposted the work with no intention of stealing MiniCheps's intellectual properties.


Kenyans on social media had different views towards Desagu's apology saying that he did nothing wrong but he was just complementing MiniCheps work on a bigger platform.


What do you think about the act of Desagu using MiniCheps concept of photoshop? Share your views in the comments section and follow me for daily updates.

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