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Having This Kind of Handwriting Proves You Are Actually Very Creative And Intelligent

Even though at this age and era we spend most of our time on the laptop typing, at some point we have to write on paper using a pen and the situation becomes embarrassing if you got very horrible handwriting. You either end up making excuses or just opt for typing rather than writing.

Recent studies and research prove that between a group of people the number of people with bad handwriting is more than the ones with good handwriting. Although the ratio of people with bad handwriting is bigger than the latter, from the personality traits you need to feel lucky since you are either creative and intelligent.

Having bad handwriting proves you are an independent thinker and times these kinds of people don't normally fit into society's expectations. It also suggests that you are creative when it comes to anything you do either mental or physical.

Finally is that you are intelligent. Intelligence has been linked with being messy and having bad handwriting since it's believed that your pen does not match your level of thinking. So to those regarding their handwriting is bad need not to worry since you are exceptional in your own way.

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