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3 Geniusses ever in history

Here are the top Geniuses in history

Elias James

James was born in Massachusetts,at his early age he was one of the best student in the class.James contributed to the total synthesis of more than 250 molecules, he also developed more than 300 chemistry apparatus. In 1990 James received nobal prize in chemistry. The man owned more than 19 degrees.

Richard Downkin

Born in 1941 by the British parents living in Kenya.Richard was one of the best biology genius, he was the outher of selfish gene,he has been the professor of biology in many Universities, in 2013 he was named as the best thinker in the world.

Federico fassin

He was born in 1941,at young age,he joined technical school, fassin invented the first 2010 fassin was recognized with the National medal of technology and innovation as the highest technology owner. Thanks for reading this article, let us know what you think about this in the comments.

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British Elias James Federico James Richard Downkin


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