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The Most Spoken and Popular Language in Africa

Africa is regarded as the second largest continent in the world in land mass. Every country in Africa has its own special culture and how they do things that differentiate them from others. Among the things that are different is the language that they usually speak. It is believed that Africa has over 2,000 native languages that are spoken alongside English and French which are global languages.[Photo Courtesy]

Despite the fact that English and French are global languages, some countries in Africa have their own official languages that they can communicate with others easily. For instance, Kenya and some parts of East Africa commonly use English and Kiswahili as their official language.

The languages are however not common spoken in most countries. Due to diversity of the languages, some countries in Africa usually have their own languages that are most popular. Among the top five languages spoken in Africa, Arab has made to the top as the the most used language.

Arabic speakers are believed to be over 150 million in Africa alone and over 250 million in the whole world. The language is commonly used by the countries located in North Africa. It has also been revealed that Arabic is the official language for countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Djibouti, Chad, Libya, Mauritania, Eritrea, Sudan Morocco, Tunisia and some part of Tanzania and Western Sahara.

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