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Why Dead Bodies are Buried Six Feet Down.

For years now I know you have had an opportunity to attend funeral ceremony either of family member or a friend. As you check the depth of the grave, have you ever noticed that all graves have approximately depth of six feet. This is a common and standard depth for all graves. This standard depth has an history on how it came to existence.

The standard grave depth was first introduced in England in early 1800. In England there was introduction of flu outbreak which swept so many people in the country. The pandemic was so severe and it seemed to spread and kill many people within short time. Due to this disease effect, the ministry of health in the country came up with a good way of disposing the dead bodies. Among the guidelines, was to dig a grave of six feet so as to prevent any erosion of buried body as it could lead to more spread of the virus. When the pandemic was over, the people continued to adopt the same practices even other countries had to copy from England. That's how six feet grave size come to existence. Otherwise at depth of six feet, decomposition of dead bodies is said to be faster. Thanks for reading this article.

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