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"After Being Assaulted, I Turned To Alcohol For Solace, It Ruined My life" Muthoni Narrates Painfull

Muthoni had a great life and she was employed at a media industry. She was a poet and she enjoyed doing poetry. The nature of her work, made her come home late, making her dad furious in the process. Muthoni and her dad kept going on and fourth, quarrelling until she decided to leave home and look for a place to stay.

She talked to her friend and the her friend said that she would host her. She prepared and packed her bags and left to meet her friend in town. At 5 pm, her friend cancelled and she was forced to find a place to stay to another friend, this time, a man.

She was received well first day, she was fed and she slept on the couch that day. The following day the roommate to her friend came with his friends, where they got so drunk. The Roommate came to the room she was sleeping at, asked her are you ready? She was confused and before she knew what was happening, she got Sexually assaulted.

The friend came back and went to his bed and faced the wall. So she woke up, took a blanket and sat up on the couch the whole night.

In the morning, the roommate who had raped her said, "she can go now, we don't need a housewife". So she woke up and left . She met another Friend in town and she went to Mombasa to cool off. In mombasa, life involved partying and more partying. She drunk alcohol every day for the six days she was in Mombasa.

She finally came home and could not leave her bed for a month. All she did was eat and sleep. After having that period of accepting what had really happened to her, she decided to move out. She went to live with a cousin, and found a job.

Before she reported to her job, they were invited to a party, and she got really drunk and broke down before everyone present at the party.

The following day at work, people started making fun of her for what had happened the previous day. Her life was turning into a nightmare. It got worse everyday day that passed by.

She went on and off, getting drunk until she became an addict. The rape had traumatized her and somehow, the trauma kept following her despite all her efforts to run from it.

Muthoni suffered in the hands of a close friend, and she decides to let it define her. When she started seeing a therapist, she was advised to own that trauma and try to let go of the pain. And since then she has been trying to heal her wounds. Coming out to say it loud, was her last step to recovery.

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