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Three Luo cultures that are fading away with time

Luo community is known for their outspoken nature that makes them stand out in the political arena. However, these are some of the Luo cultures that are slowly sinking with the adoption of Western culture;

1. Wife inheritance

In the Luo community, a wife was highly valued and a man was obliged to protect his wife, provide for her and the children, and guide her at all costs. The duty of guiding a home and providing for the children was considered a tough task that a woman could not do in the absence of a male figure in the family, therefore If a man died, his brother was tasked to inherit his wife to provide for her, protect her, and continue his brother's lineage. This culture has however been dump as it is considered to be resulting in the spread of HIV and other STIs.

2. Building at home

In the Luo Community, building a home back at your place of birth was a must for men and failure to do so was considered as breaking the rules. A man was supposed to build a small house known as SIMBA in his father's compound when he was in his late teens and then build his home afterward in a land that his father was supposed to provide for him. This has changed due to the increase in the cost of building and inadequate land in the rural areas

3. Removal of six lower teeth

This was a common way of initiation among the Luo community. This culture has, however, faded due to western civilization and it is no longer practiced. This type of initiation was done as a way a passage from a young one to an adult. This culture is however considered backward.

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