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Kenyans React As Photos Of Matatus From Thailand Emerge

Matatu culture is deep rooted in the Kenya's capital city Nairobi. The "Nganyas" as they are always called is the most popular public transport in Nairobi. The creativity involved in the beautification of these Matatus is on another level. The popular route with the most beautiful of these kind is the Ongata Rongai route where it appears to be a competition for the most beautiful "Nganya".

These Matatus are always laced in graffitis and decorations and they are very loud. They are the favorite of many Nairobi commuters who find them charming. Most of them combines entertainment and comfort.

You will be wrong to think that it is only in Nairobi where we have the "Nganyas". Far away from Nairobi,the public Transport in Thailand's capital Bangkok also is of matatu culture.

"Far away from Nairobi,these are public Transport Buses in Bangkok, Thailand. They are loud too" Ma3Route shared.

See the photos of this matatus in Thailand that is similar to the ones in Nairobi.

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