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The Only Bible Books That Have not Mentioned God Directly

The Bible is regarded as the book of God and indeed it is. To Christians, it is the only key to knowing God. God is expressed in several ways in the Bible. In some verses, He is expressed as a lover. All these were done to help people understand the real identity of God. All Christians are advised to have and read the Bible. It is a book that solves every problem and snares.

The Bible has several books. It is divided into two, The Old Testament and The New Testament. The Old Testament begins with the creation story and ends with the book written by prophet Malachi. It is the book that prepares the way for Jesus in The New Testament. All the 66 books in the Bible have mentioned the name God but for two.

All books in The New Testament have the name of God. Meaning, all these two books are from The Old Testament. The first book lacking the name is the book of Esther. The book contains a story of Jewish survival in the face of attempted genocide. The second book that never mentioned God in any of its verses is the book of Songs of Solomon, which contains erotic love poetry involving a man and a woman

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