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Funny Luo Dreams And Their Meanings

Initially, dreams were used to for tell future happenings by special people, usually religious Legio Mariae hopefuls. However, with time the same has lost significance, but that has not marked the end of people dreaming.

Here are some funny dreams and their translation according to Luo myths.

1. You are being chased away

This is common among children, and one can see themselves running away from either people or animals. The faces of the people are normally unrecognizable though one is very sure that he saw them during the dream. It means that you are growing, according to Luo narratives.

2. Attending a burial

This is a dream most Luos report having dreamt some time in life. According to myths in some parts of Luo Nyanza, specifically Eastern Nyanza, it means that one ate to their fill that night. This is because it is in funerals that people eat to their fill after animals are slaughtered.

3. Falling into a pit

This is a common dream among Luo children, and probably kids from other communities too.It is a childish dream as they shoot awake before hitting the bottom of the pit.

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