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The history and origin of Iteso community

The Iteso (or people of Tesa) are a Nilotic enthnic group in eastern Uganda and western Kenya.Teso refer to the traditional homeland of the Iteso is their language.Iteso is plural,etesot and Atesot are singular.Etesot is for male person from Teso and Atesot is Feminine-Iteso are believed to migration from Abyssinian (Ethiopia).

In Uganda,Iteso inhabit the district of Soroti,Kumi Katakari,Amuria,Bukedea,Serere,Ngora,Pallisa, Kaberamaido,Tororo,Kepelebyong and Kalaki.Iteso are very generous and hospitable people. The cultural drine of Iteso is 'ajon', commonly consumed in local ceremonies and social gathering.They practice crop and animal farming and attacks great value to land.

They are part of a larger group of eastern Nilotic people (Ikatung'a Oltung'a Itung'a)which includes; the Maa(Samburu and Maasai) Turkana of Kenya,Nyangotom of present -day Ethiopia,Karamojong and the Toposa of South Sudan. The Ateker further split into several groups include Jie, Turkana, Karamojong and Iteso.

The Iteso in Kenya,numbering about 578000, live mainly in Busia County.The Kenyans Teso people are an extension of their Ugandan counterpart in that they were merely separate by the partition of east African during the historical society and the partition of African just like the Maasai of Kenya and Maasai of Tanzania.

The prominent people in Teso include the current governor Hon.Sospeta Ojaamong,Odeya Oprong, Pancras Otwani.They believe in one God (Akay/amsubwa) and also in life after death.

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